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09 Nov

This is Not an Airstream, It’s an Avion


“Avion owners are hardcore believers, that Avions are the best travel trailers ever built.”

“The story goes two brothers, one towing an Airstream and one with another brand met at Yellowstone National Park for a family vacation. While sitting around the campfire discussing the quality of each other’s trailer, they decided they could make an even better, stronger one.”

“They went back to Michigan and started building them around the mid 50’s.”

“Blind luck brought me into the Avion family,” Said Bill. 

“I was told shortly after I purchased Zeppelin (our name for the travel trailer), of the quality they are known for.”

“We just started restoring our 1960 24 footer. We have the axel out and have had the springs re-arched and another leaf installed. We’ve purchased larger rims and have had the hubs machined for the new wheels to fit. We then took everything to a friend who sandblasted and painted the lot.”


“We also repainted the roof with aluminum paint, and we took the counters and tables out to cut the new bases and had new Formica installed”

“All that said, polishing was the first thing we started doing after we bought it. I have a 1937 Ford and a 1954 Dodge Pickup and have had my share of polishing metal. But I couldn’t find anything that would bring new life to the aluminum until we found your product.”


“I get nothing for saying that, just stating the truth and hoping it will help someone else out there especially if they own an Avion.”

Thanks, Bill, for sharing your 1960 Avion Trailer Project with us! If you or your business have a project that involves BrightWork Polish, be sure to share it with us and we’ll send you a coupon code for 20% off your next order of up to 500$ of Step 1: Red Polish, Step 2: White Polish, & Step 3: Blue Polish.


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