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Why Is Bright Work The Best Metal Polish?

We have been formulating cleaning chemicals for years, trying to make ones with better results at reasonable cost. For many years, we have only sold products to the automotive detailing community. About 5 years ago we began selling our products at small airshows and been asked if we had a good metal polish. So I began the long process of research and development.

In those 5 years we tested and reformulated these products until the current 3 were developed. We gave out samples to a small test group to compare against others in a blind test and the results proved we had the easiest to use, with the deepest shine.

After many years of development we come up with a product that I am truly happy with. But before it could use it on aircraft it needed it to be to be “Aviation Approved”, so we had it tested.

Our product has been tested to Boeing D6-17487, AirBus Aims09-00-002, AMS1650C, Douglas Aircraft CSD #1, and ASTM F 485 standards and it has passed them all.

Locally, our product is well known by aircraft owners and detailers. So it was time to share this product with the entire aviation community, because lets be real, everyone wants their aircraft to shine bright.

Bright Work Polish

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